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  1. Just yesterday I got a JVC XM-R70 MiniDisc player from a friend of mine because he didn't know what it was and didn't know what to use it for. Thanks to Techmoan I of course knew what this thing was and was surprised to get one myself now actually It works fine and plays discs without any issues, however when you press with a super tiny force (aka. the normal force you'd need to press the buttons) on the lower left corner of the lid where the "Edit/Enter" and "Display/Char" buttons are located the lid thinks it was opened and closed, probably due to a bad solder joint. Also the audio cuts out and gets muffled but only when being pressed down there. Is there any easy fix for this? I noticed 2 little detection switches in that region inside but at least one is apparently only used for detecting the write protection notch, not sure what the other one is for. Thanks already for help!