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  1. Thanks for the reply, I do have a blank disc here. Unfortunately for me, looking at the manual now, it seems I will need the remote-commander to do that 'self-alignment' in test mode? --- which I may have misplaced. I'll be digging through boxes for it... Thanks again.
  2. Hi Folks, I recently dug out my old MD player, a MZ-N1, to listen to a pile of old recordings I made. Everything seems to work great until I hit the 35-40min mark on playback, pretty consistently for each disc. It just sits there trying to read (indefinitely, I think?) I know I put the unit through a lot back in the day, but I was wondering if this is a known issue with any solutions? I haven't looked into methods for cleaning it yet. Any tips on where to start appreciated (or if it's hopeless for this unit?).