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  1. Thanks for that, I am contemplating solder surgery as the button pressing hack does not seem to work, I will have to check for loose connections to the buttons anyway by opening the case which I have been trying to avoid! Thanks for your time in replying it is what makes the forum so good as a resource K
  2. Hi folks can any body help me get this old unit functional again with a hack to enter service mode(MZ-R3 recordable minidisc walkman)? I have tried this button combination but no luck(How to Reset Sony MZ-Rxx Series MD Recorders -http://www.minidisc.org/sony_mzr_reset.html) Entering Service mode To enter the service mode: -turn on the HOLD switch on the main unit. -Press and HOLD the Vol- key. -While holding Vol- press: Right,Right,Left,Left,Right,Left,Right,Left,Pause,Pause -Stop holding Vol- The unit gives me error 40 with shuffle function stuck on screen or goes to Mo
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