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  1. Hi,Finally solved it. It was a setting with my onboard soundcard. Thanks BearBoy. Otherwise I would still be trying to use Sonicstage. Cheers
  2. Hi, My other is just a player. An MZ-E40. If SonicStage won't work,do you know what will? How do others record/rewrite on non NETMD recorders? Thanks for replying.
  3. Hi, I'm new to using minidiscs. I'm already regretting it. I installed SONICSTAGE 4.3 ultimate. Installs fine on Windows 10 (laptop,external soundcard Soundblaster omni via spdif). But Windows/Sonic doesn't detect either the MZ-R500 or my other player. Cabling is: Optical cable from MZ-R500 optical port into SPDIF port of the external sound card. Am I missing something obvious/basic? I've tried running a virtual copy of Windows XP via VMware with no success. I've also tried on my Windows 7 desktop pc but it doesn't recognise the hardware either. SonicStage installs without
  4. I've noticed that in Australia many Sony minidisc players/recorders don't come with an AC power adapter. (lost,broken,whatever the reason). Does anyone know where I can get a 3v AC adapter? More specifically,one that has the correct plug size. (2.35mm). Though,is that the length or the hole size? Any help would be appreciated.
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