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  1. just seen this..gonna pull it apart this weekend, i've borrowed a meter from a friend - fingers crossed!
  2. hi sfpb um the fault seems to be the motor in the mechanism. everything on the unit works still - mixer, display, inputs etc. however I couldnt eject a disk - assumed the belt had gone (it had happened before) took top off, but noticed when pressing eject the motor wouldnt turn. i've downloaded a service manual - i could try checking to make sure power it hitting the motor and tracing back to see if its a faulty component. i'll have a look tommmrow and report back thank you again!
  3. thanks Kgallen. I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to fully understand your answer (my problem, not you explanation!) so i think this would be well beyond me. such as shame. I wouldnt mind the format being non-standard, just as long as i could continue to use the unit to record. I've had a good run with her, maybe its time to join the rest of the world on computer based recording thanks for your time
  4. Hi I know this maybe sacreligious but desperate times. I have an MDM X4 which I've owned since new in 1997. I've had 20+ happy years with it, replaced many drive belts and batteries but other than that it's never failed me. Until now. It's drive unit has given up the ghost. I think the actual motor has gone. I can't justify buying a "new" drive unit from ebay for such an old unit, but this has been perfect for me i'd hate to get rid of it. Has anyone made (or bought) a emulator that allows you to replace a minidisc data drive with a SD card? I know, I know - but I'd rather
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