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  1. Regulator checked - all voltages are present, battery removed - no difference. This deck is going for parts. Many many thanks NGY.
  2. I will check that regulator and then remove the battery at the weekend and that will be the end of that thread. Thanks once again, i did a gret job because of you.
  3. I meant the dark display. This deck is probably going for parts.Thank you for your help and patience. I really appreciate it a lot.
  4. Could it be some scenario like this : https://www.jonathandupre.fr/articles/17-minidisc-md/240-reparation-platine-md-sony-mds-j3000-japonaise/ ?
  5. Of course i will try this. What makes me feel even more silly is that before replacing the battery, i did not check if the deck was functioning as before(it was unused for about two months). I even got rid of the old battery before i tested it. I have never realised i will get in so much troubles with this simple task.
  6. Continuity measured - all are OK DMM shows open cirquit in both checks. Sadly i have no other JE510 deck around me. I have no access to the IC316 pins,it is on the opposite side of the board when the mainboard is mounted. I am afraid to flip it over when everything is connected. I measured on C354 and i have 2.68V when the deck is on and 2.65V 45 seconds after switching it off. It is little bit low, but i guess it is because this new battery was not charged enough.(the deck is unplugged most of the time since the battery was replaced) I did all other checks again - same results. EDIT: I checked the + lead of the battery when deck turned on and it was same 2.68V. It seems low to me.
  7. OK, i will do all the checks suggested once again. Sorry for my slow response, but i live in a small appartment and there is no room for my audio experiments when the kids are always home with this awful Covid situation. I am not sure what do you mean with this: ... the MCU sees the new battery voltage properly. Because if there was an issue there (i.e., reversed polarity, or shorted battery), the MCU would take it as a Reset (see the reset jumper wires, for a forced reset they simply short the battery to ground via R16, being 68 or 100 ohms only), and when the MCU resets what it need to, it probably disables the display too. Is it a step in the tests already suggested by you, but not done by me yet , or i have to do something else? As you can sense, English is not my native speaking language, sorry about that too.
  8. I found an error in the SM yesterday. On Printed Wiring Board ,page 47-48, if you follow the trace from pin11 of CN303, you will see it goes through JW143 to pin 70 of IC 316, not pin 71. Can you confirm this too, please. I will inspect the mainboard 'physically'. Something else, i found a topic in a forum (sadly i can not findit again now), same model deck, same symptoms. The guy have replaced the diodes, the resistor and some of the capacitors around IC 310 with no results and then suddenly he found out some cold solder joints in the Jumper wires around CN 303. His display came back to life again. It is possible, when i replaced the battery, that something similar happened to my main board too. There was some slight bending of the main board during dismantling, desoldering and soldering the new battery. Actually, i pulled out the main board first to see the battery contacts underneath , put it back in and then i did the 'live' ribbon cable connection, before installing the new battery.
  9. Is there a chance to be something outside the MCU?
  10. I did this and there is still no voltage on pin 11 of CN303. I tried again loading a disc, Play mode , Repeat buttons - still nothing. I guess there is no reason to check pin 62 for shortcirquit to ground.
  11. I measured again. No voltage when disc is loaded or ejected, Repeat or Play mode are pressed. The only combination when i have something is when the disc is playing and Repeat is pressed - it jumps between 0,01 - 0,02V. Next i will desolder the resistors and check again.
  12. That will need some more time. When i do it i will post the results. Thank you again.
  13. There is an AC 3V on the pins of VFD, there is continuity with ribbon cable disconnected and deck turned off too. I get nothing on Clock line, pin 62. I traced back the line to the mainboard and there is no voltage on pin 11 of CN303 as well. I have the 3,3V on pin 60 and 1.5V on pin 59. I have only a DMM and cannot check this. Tomorrow i will dismantle the front panel to visually check the wires of the tube. I am not sure of one thing only: Many thanks for your help.
  14. Here is what I have found: - all buttons work in normal operation mode, my mistake on initial evaluation was to use a blank disc(this deck suffers from "TOC writing/blank disc" problem, and I was afraid not to erase some of my recorded discs. No content on the disc, no play button action, simple. Sorry about that. Play, pause, rec ,stop, FF, FR, AMS -all working - all buttons work in regular Service mode too -in Rec timer scenario all works as you described it, the OWH is lowered and disc is spinning. I had similar fully working deck MDS-JE320 which I sold. I have an MDS-JE530 too, but I think it is a bit different from JE510. That is so far, I hope I will be able to bring back to life the display.
  15. Thank you NGY. I have tried regular Service Mode before, but when i saw the dark display, i thought it is not in SM. I will try again and will do all the steps you have proposed, probably at the weekend.
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