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  1. Hey everyone so I've acquired a MZ-N710 that powers up and seemed to work at first however whenever it tries to read a disc it doesn't do anything. All that will happen is the disc will continuously spin trying to read it until the display goes off with no errors displayed. I've been trying to get it to work for a little while now to no avail. I've changed the laser to one that works and I've tried resetting the unit. Whenever I try to reset it, using the service manual, and use a CD MD or a MO MD nothing happens, it goes through the overall adjustment but then comes up with a NG error. I've d
  2. So I have a MZ-N710 which isn't reading disc. When you insert the disc it starts to read it and then just continues to spin the disc indefinitely until it basically powers off. I've tried loads of stuff but I've been going through the test/service mode on it and when trying to set it up it has the same issue for both the CDs and MO when doing the overall adjustment mode. Each time it come up with a NG but for both the CD and MO is has a problem with the 'ABCD gain adjustment' I think this is what needs sorting out but I'm not sure what is needed to be done. If anyone has any insight as to what
  3. Oh yeah you're right! Thanks I'll look into getting one let hope it works
  4. Thats okay and yeah that seems to be the case. I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas and to also confirm that is the case. Thank you though
  5. unfortunately I don't have a CD to try it with. I have a feeling some adjustment needs doing but I dont have the tools to check the laser. In service mode it does have an error which is 03 which the service manual says is servo system error - focus error and says distorted focus or cannot read address so I'm guessing its something to do with this
  6. Hey Everyone I have a MZ-N710 that arrived today. it was in mint condition and I was super excited to start using it however upon inserting a MD all that happen is the disc spins up and then keeps spinning as if its stuck looking for the disc. I've spent all day trying to fix it. I swapped the laser from another unit to see if it was that. Nope the original laser works fine in my other unit. I've checked for dry solder checked all connections and nothing! I've even tried to reset it with the service mode but this one requires an actual pre-recorded MD to do it properly. I'm completely lost an
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