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  1. Question: VAIO Pocket - Volume Boost?

    I was calling someone on the vaio pocket hotline today,and asked about the volume limiter,and yes there is one... so I went on asking about how to get into service mode, as expected he could not answer because every call is monitored and he was afraid of losing his job... We had some nice talk and after all I would say there is a possibility to shut down the volume limiter, but I still don't know how. Any ideas ?
  2. Question: VAIO Pocket - Volume Boost?

    Hey all, I was searching the net the last hours, an d I'm quite sure the European vaio pockets have a volume limiter, due to the fact of EU regulations I don't think sony can bring out a player without the volume cap. In my opinion the player could be much louder - as I'm using it with my PXC 250s they don't bring half the power they could. As far as I know most Sony products have a test/service mode - so there will be one for the vaio pocket as well... I would be glad about any information how to solve the volume cap problem