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  1. ATRAC3plus or Mp3

    it depends very much upon your lifestyle. I myself keep my music on computer as mp3 so i have the option of burning discs, but keep them as atrac3+ on the unit to maximise battery life and fit more songs in.
  2. What is Sony thinking with the changing designs?

    *I never knew NW-HD2 existed* Well i think their development is mixed. I've considered buying all of sonys HD series other than HD2. I liked the look of the HD1, i thought it was very interesting, but then i think it went downwards, i thought the HD3 was O.K and i felt the HD5 was again interesting because of the screen rotations, but other than that i thought it was quite dull. The new Aseries players I'm impressed with design wise, although they might have some issues, i think it's good that sony is experimenting with materials and different ways. I'm definatly buying and A3000 because although the software might be a problem, hell, i got used to sonicstages stupidity and over complicated-ness, i can manage it!