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  1. NW-A808 Line out question.

    what's the difference between phones out and line out? I use the phones out to plug my A808 to an HiFi and it sounds fine...
  2. My NW-S706 damages phones!

    I've been using my S706 with original earphones (those with noise reduction) but three months after I bought it, left channel went down. So I started to use it with Sony Ericsson Walkman line phones (from my Sony Ericsson W850). I used them a couple of months, when their left channel broke too!!! I thought it was only a sad coincidence and changed the phones again. Now I am using Bose uber phones (150 euros!), the around-ear model, and everything works like a charm, BUT yesterday the left channel stopped working for some seconds! I soon unplugged the phones: now they are working ok (on my HiFi system) but I don't want to plug them on my S706 anymore, becouse of breaking channel fear! I can't understand how it could be possible! ps sorry for my bad English, but I'm Italian...
  3. Correct treatment for MP3 battery

    they say if you encode your music in Atrac instead of Mp3, battery will last longer... (sorry for my bad english)
  4. Hi, I live in Italy and a friend of mine, who's in Tokyo for his job, is going to buy an NW-S706 for me. The problem is I'm worried about compatibility issues between the japanese hardware and the western software... And more: can you change the menu language? I'd like to switch from japanese to english, but I don't know if it's possible. To be true, these aren't big problems (I can figure out how it works even if it's in japanese) as long as they don't make the product unusable. So my question is: living in Italy, will I be able to use a japanese NW-S706? Thanks!