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  1. Europeans: Boost the Volume of the NW-A3000/1000

    What am I doing wrong I get no secret menu or anything I have tried but when I unhold it goes back to the song! Damn
  2. Problems with SonicStage for my NW A-3000 Mp3

    When I run SonicStage, the following error message appears (Microsoft Windows XP SP 2): Omgjbox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have no idea what to do as this stops me from using my player. I have atempted to install un installed re installed done security updates but I cant even get to the transfer stage before Omgjbox.exe pops up its ugly head and closes me down The newest available is it 4.3 got it from the Sony Website as the Cd which I got with them Mp3 is for Connect Player and it is due to close. Player is NW a-300 with firmwear version3.00 Pc runs on Microsoft Windows XP SP 2 Everything I read is so damn technical! When I try to download from the Sony Site I get page unavailable or forbidden. Have sony never heard of drag and drop? Why if it syns to Windows Media Player does the music not show on the device I need help quick I beg of you I adore my Mp3.