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  1. Fs Mz-n10 Accessories

    I have all the original mz-n10 accessories (the unit was stolen) for sale: includes usb/charging cradle, usb cable, remote, ac adapter, manual, cd w/drivers and sonicstage. They are in great condition - no cosmetic or functional defects. Total = $30 + shipping Lampwick17@yahoo.com
  2. Fs Nh900

    For sale: 5 Month old Nh900. All original accessories in perfect condition. The unit is in pristine condition, with no scratches, dents, dings, etc. I will include the upgraded gumstick battery, and the armband carry case. Total = $200 + shipping Lampwick17@yahoo.com
  3. Sony Md Mz-n10 Parts Needed

    Today is your lucky day my friend. I had my mz-n10 stolen out of my truck last year, and for some reason i kept all the accessories. I have the mc33el remote (in excellent condition), the USB cable, the Docking Station, and the AC adapter. I will sell you them all for $70, shipping included. Send me an e-mail: Lampwick17@yahoo.com
  4. Currently it is not possbile to upload recordings made with a Net-MD recorder via Sonic Stage, is this a software mandate or is a product of inadequate hardware? Any hopes to remedy this problem in the future?
  5. Interviewing with Minidisc

    any good condenser mic. will do. At the size you're looking for, they'll run off some kind of battery (AAA or AA, most likely). Stereo or mono will work fine, and you'll want to keep it placed in the center of all the 'action'.
  6. recording off a sound board

    I've done this several times. The best way to go is to use a stereo 1/8"->RCA cable. If you run it from the 2-track stereo out on the sound board to the line in on your minisc unit, you'll get the best results. Depending on how loud he's running the sound out of the board into the PA, the volume may be a bit low, but the quality will still be superb. If this isn't possible, use an 1/8" - 1/8" stereo chord and run it out of the headphones output; just make sure the volume is up high enough. But, if it's any kind of a decent board, it should have the 2-track output.
  7. Ages of minidisc users

    man...i feel like an idiot...my bad...that chick is hot though...even if she is a dude..or...you're the dude....nevermind...
  8. Ages of minidisc users

    I'm 20...and kupoluvsjchix is hot....
  9. Need portable recording minidisc recommendations please!!!

    For your 'qaulity live recordings' any of the newer portables will do. I've used the sony MZ-R700 for the last 2 1/2 years, and it has worked amazingly. It has also held up nice: no scratches, and is still in perfect working condition. For any live recording, you'll ideally want to use the '2-track out' rca connections on the mixing board and run them into the line-in on your MD unit. If you have to, a good stereo mic that can withstand the high decibal levels will do (but the sound quality will suffer). All of the newer units have mic-sensitivity (if they have a mic input), however you should check to make sure there is a built in limiter of some kind to preventing digital distortion (a very unpleasant sound).