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  1. thanks for the tips. Everything seems to be working back to normal now. In hindsight, it looks like the only thing that changed when I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit was that for some unknown reason, SonicStage changed the location where the transferred files were saved. Once I found out where the location was, everything was fine. So my initial conclusion, that SonicStage doesn't work with Windows 7 64-bit, was wrong! at least it seems to work just fine with HiMed. I had even called Sony technical support and they confirmed that it didn't work and that I would have to find somebody that was running Windows XP in order to upload files. That was crazy! Anyway, thanks again. Nice to know your are here! Tom
  2. thank you for your reply. I started to download the driver and noticed that the instruction indicated that if you are using high, med, sonic stage should work on 64-bit Windows 7 system. So I tried it again and let me describe what happens to see if you can make sense of this: I connect my eye mid recorder to the computer using the USB cable and bring up it's Sony sonic stage. I click on the transfer window and it brings up my files. I highlight one of the files and click on the arrow and it indicates with a percentage reading that it's transferring and when it's completed transferring it makes a little bell sounded, signifying the transfer is complete. But then I can not find the file that has been transferred! When I had Windows XP, it was very easy to find that file and then I had options to convert it to a wave file and have it placed in a certain directory. But that's not happening now. Can you make sense of this? Thank you again for your help
  3. I see this is an old topic but I have a similar problem now. I have read the whole thread and cannot make complete sense of it as it relates to my problem. I have used Sonicstage for a long time with my MZ-rh1 running under windows XP. Many months ago, I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit. Recently, when I finally got around to using Sonicstage, I found it would not convert the files for uploading to my PC. I am not familiar with all of the nuances of what is necessary to make changes to my Windows 7 system so that I can use sonic stage. I have a little bit of knowledge, I guess just enough to be dangerous! Anyway, there are several terms that I'm not familiar with and I'm also afraid of doing permanent damage or making nonreversible changes to my Windows 7 system. My first thought was to upgrade from Windows Home Premium version to Windows Professional {etc.} which supposedly enables you to then download some software that lets you operate in Windows XP mode. I guess this is referred to as "compatibility mode".... Here is the link that seems to say this is what I need to do.:http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/en_US/pd/productID.228663600?WT.mc_id=mercent&mr:trackingCode=DFCB13AA-D1D4-E011-B18D-001B21A69EB0&mr:referralID=NA Of course, this does not make specific reference to Sonicstage and a computer geek friend of mine was afraid to tell me to do it since he was wary that old applications often don't work with Windows 7, even when certain steps are followed. Then I read the above thread, which seems to address my specific problem, but I still don't understand the specific steps I should take. For example, I have no idea what "RTM" is referring to.... And what some people seem to say in the thread is that a certain procedure works for them and then other people say it didn't work! So I'm confused. Can anyone tell me where I can find a definitive answer to my problem with specific simple steps to follow? I've got hundreds of minidiscs that I've recorded and now can't upload to Windows 7 64-bit! Thanks for your help... Tom
  4. tharmon

    Sony PCM-M10

    Thank you so much for your reply. A couple more questions: I downloaded CDWave and like the way it enables the entry of track markers. But I wonder if the PCM-M10 reads the track markers made by CDWave?? I notice that my CD player does not recognize the track markers once a long cut has been burned to CD. Which button/function on the PCM-M10 do you use to advance to the next track set by the track mark? Can you easily go forward and backwards with these markers? Also, have you ever used a mini-disc recorder? My Sony is smaller than the PCM-M10 and I like the smallness of my old Sony. But maybe the PCM-M10 is not significantly bigger? Thanks again for your help... Tom
  5. tharmon

    Sony PCM-M10

    I have always loved my MZ-RH1.in fact I have worn one out and am about to wear out my second one now. I have looked at the Sony PCM-M10 and it looks like a great recorder. However, there is one function I need to confirm before I buy it. I like the ability to set and predefine track markers with mini disc players. I usually set the tracks at four minutes. I record radio programs throughout the night and when I get up in the morning, I'm able to listen to those long recordings sometimes up 10 hours. It's very nice to be able to fast forward at four minute clips thereby bypassing advertisements and the news, which is enabled by the four-minute automatic track marks. I do not see where this is possible with the PCM M10. I see there's a fast-forward button on the front. But the online user manual talks about fast forwarding at 6 second intervals which does me no good at all. Can somebody familiar with the PCM-M10 explain to me if this dilemma that I described can be resolved through the folder file system on the M. 10? Or possibly I'm overlooking some additional tracking function that is similar to my old RH1? thank you for your help. Tom
  6. I just erased a long live recording (irreplacable!) on a minidisc. Years ago, I knew how to use my old Sony JB-980 to restore erased discs. But when I upgraded to HI-MD recorder (MZ-RH1), my old JB-980 won't run the new format. Will someone please help me restore my errased recording? I live in Southern California... This is a recording of my dear and beloved deceased relative that I must have recovered... Thank you for your help.. Tom
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