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  1. Windows Vista & Sony Network Walkman

    They can't even get it right for XP and you want stuff for vista? ARE you mad?
  2. When will we see a new SonicStage?

    Does anyone have any ideas if theres a new version due soon its been a while. If SONY haven't realised and your reading this, YOUR SOFTWARE IS STILL CRAP, FIX IT! I paid my money i want something that works properly. or are they to busy messing up the PS3 to care? Why do I have to wipe my Mp3 player everytime I connect it because "Sonic Shit" doesn't want to work with it dispite it having wiped it previously and uploaded to it? Why can't I select a group of track and assign them as all part of the same album in one go but have to do it one track at a time? Why is it when i have been in a situation of upgrading my machine and from a fresh install I put "sonic shit" on and scan my music lib to load everything back into a fresh install it can't figure out what tracks belong in what album, WHEN ALL THE BLOODY TRACKS IN ALBUMS ARE LABELED PROPERLY WITH THE ALBUM NAMES ? Talk about poor software engineering.
  3. m4a files

    Ignore me I've drunk to much wine... USe Itunes to convert the show to and MP3 then import to SS and dump to MP3 device... Doh!!
  4. m4a files

    SO this evening i have downloaded and installed SS4.2 hoping things improve and the world becomes a better place... I discover that i now have the Connect Store available to me... I'm in Canada.. Hunting around, YAY, maybe we have something like podcasts available to us Sony users... but no.. nothing. I like my podcasts... I notice on install of SS4.2 that SS supports *.m4a files.. YAY I can continue to use Apples itunes to download my podcasts and now can actually convert them to use on the sony. Crashing down to reality. THe first m4a files i try to import and yes in they come and I can convert them to mp3 or to Atrac, cool.. now the latest ones no chance not supported. WHy not they are M4a files? has anyone else had the same issues what have you been doing to get around it to get them onto your sony device? -free4
  5. SonicStage XML Fix for Groups/Album Display

    Bizarre I have never seen that but then again i am using Sonic Stage to rip the albums in the first place. I also make sure that those tracks i have just ripped look right in sonic stage before transfer to the device (A608). Generally if it is a mix album i have the "compilation" flag checked in the properties of each track. If this "Group" tag that wasn't there previously doesn't work for you, I'd suggest not using it and upgrading to the latest version of SS as I have read somewhere they have fixed this lack of Album view problem with an "Album" view YAY!! Although there are mutterings of some performance reduction in the latest version. I can not say either way as i haven't upgraded quite just yet. Since its xml I am only providing a tag that was missed out by sony not adding additional functionality. All the functionality is in the core of Sonic Stage. I can have no affect on that, unfortunately believe me if i could i would. There may even have been a reason they missed the tag out? I don't know. Still its worked for most people.
  6. Guys can you start a new thread every time you do a release of GYM so that we can track releases better? tanks great work btw keep it going this is great stuff -free4
  7. SonicStage XML Fix for Groups/Album Display

    Yes it only benefits the Sonic Stage application. Its to help you see things better when the device is attached and you are viewing its contents through Sonic Stage. Hopefully Sony will have paid attention and fixed this in the next version of SS. - 4.1 -free4
  8. I can't uninstall the driver

    Funny I am now seeing the same sort of problem. I have a 608a was working fine up till the other week. I connect it to my machine it charges fine. I open an explorer and it never connects... I have tried a re install of the driver. it tells me the same as you correct driver installed I have re installed sonic stage. 4.0 nope nothing. I even reset my walkman and formatted it nope still won't connect. not happy... first crap software and now hardware that seems to be playing up... after 6 - 8 months.. I just sold a free ipod 4 gig nano as well I won in a competition
  9. Well hopefully if 'SONY' have an ounce of common sense they will have people watching the fan sites trying to pick up ideas about customer base and how to provide a better service and software. This is usually were ideas are born for these guys to react on. Check out Microsoft and the 360 ... you really think that they thought up all the apparently wonderful stuff they are towting themselves? if you do then you are really unaware of the world of software development. Most of the advancements to interface functionality and potential to achieved for the nex gen consoles came from the software developed by the hacking community over at xboxscene.com. -free4
  10. As the title says any news on a better version or more current than version 4.0 of sonic stage? -free4
  11. SonicStage XML Fix for Groups/Album Display

    I'm gonna add another plead SONY please use Python for this app then we can all mod it with ease.. probably fall on deaf ears but hey worth a try. -free4
  12. SONY Release an SDK for SONIC STAGE PLEASE!!! I would greatly appreciate it if you would release an SDK for Sonic Stage so that I can modify the functionality that you are not providing me, I don't care for your encryption, black box that, but please please please let me write my own functionality into the application so that i don't have to put up with your Software programmers inability to write usable software. Hey you never know you may even benefit from the communities capabilities! -free4
  13. What would you like to see in SonicStage CP?

    open source and sdk for sonic stage (but block the encryption black box) so that those of use that can program can have a crack at our own versions that we can make available for others to use at their own risk. Surely this would be cheaper for sony? Then they could sit back and once a quater add in the best features that others have added. At least this way they can see what we would likely want to do with it. -free4
  14. SonicStage XML Fix for Groups/Album Display

    Sorry guys I been away for a while. I have had a dig through the xml files and tried a few things this one seems to have been a mistake that was left out by the guys at sony. Without access to the source code we can't do much more with it beyond this. To be honest I wish they would open the source code of this app it would make a lot of sense since they have done such an abismal job todate themselves I am sure we as a community could make it much more suitable for our personal requirements. -can't help you on much more but if i find anything else out I'll post. enjoy. -free4
  15. SonicStage XML Fix for Groups/Album Display

    "Only one problem, if you copy albums over in the group view they are just added to the end of the list and not kept in alphabetical order by artist. Probably not such a problem with flash players, but could be with a long list on the HDD players. So when copying albums over, might be best to stay using the album, by artist view." I tend to listen to alot of electronic mix albums, so without the "group" view which I'd personally prefer to be an "album" view and not and "album by artist" alot of these display as per the first image I posted. This is a pain when I want to remove a specific album, i don't use playlists(guess I'm lazy and rely on the actual mp3 tags to do the work. Agreed I do only have a flash player A608 I tend to add one album at a time rather than selecting a long list of albums and hit transfer. I'm not too fused about having to search a long list of albums by name. Still as ever use at your discreation and back up your original files in case you ever want to remove this change, although this only adds functionality rather than buggerin anything that already exists. -free4 I'm gonna continue to hack about with the xml files to see what i can break or improve. Mind I am only limited with my .xml skills so