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  1. " and can then upload recorded sounds easily, and without much more expense into a PC or Mac. " " It looks like I'm stuck with the lowly audio cassette for awhile longer. " ===================== Hey sound trap, What IS your goal? Quality Recordings or FAST UPLOAD ? Maybe we need to be sure we define" Upload " the same way.... It Is true that current NetMD does not allow faster than RealTime transfer from MD--->PC But that does Not Mean you cannot transfer from Minidisc to PC - it is just in RealTime ( a 3 min recording takes 3 min ) " without much more expense into a PC or Mac. " = all you need is an audio cable from MD to your soundcard ( most MD units come with this/or you can find one anywhere for little $) NetMD transfers are not as fast as everyone had hoped for anyway...and with the checkin/out openMG thing...a real pain. So IF you want Quality recordings - why not transfer in RealTime ? If you can wait the extra min. the quality blows away your cassettes, at any transfer speed. * I would go with a Sharp unit for ease of access to manual recording level control. Good Luck, hope this helps.... Locknut