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  1. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Last thing, I found out why I have more than 2GB free cuz I erased the optimized files directory where Open used to stock my files to transfer much quicker another time. Bye, Matt NB: maybe it was obvious but I didn't know.
  2. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Re, I can't explain when I removed OpenMG, NetMD & Sony Corporation, I had around 3 more GB free??? Okay, bye Matt
  3. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Hey Everyone, It works!!! OpenMG looks stable now but I'll use Real One now. I downloaded RegCleaner & used it & then installed again OpenMG & it's ok, the only thing is even with this new installation I don't have a restorable directory but it works so doesn't care. Thanx a lot to Michael & Bigman!!! U're Genius Cheers, Matt from Australia NB: last question, when I had my trouble with OpenMG, Disk Cleanup didn't work anymore as well, it blocks around the middle... I'm not sure that it was caused by OpenMG but anyway do u know how can I do somethin' about that... reinstall but how, etc...? Thanks! I know if off topics. Sorry about that.
  4. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Hey Everyone, First, thanks to Michael who sent me the 2 files but unfortunately I couldn't use them. Before, I received these files, I had uninstalled & reinstalled my software & now I can't remove OpenMG Jukebox 2.2. Therefore, I don't know what to do cuz I have some messages which told me the software is removed but it doesn't dissapear in the directory add or remove soft ??? Do u know exactly which files do I need to erase in windows cuz there's nothin left in program files. I think just a small files block everything... + I tried to remove manually & nothin' happened except now I have got 3 more GB ??? I don't understand why, it was something whith the Sony Corporation directory... + I had to reinstall RealOne... 2 days ago, I couln't open anymore Real One but it's ok now, I'm sure it was something caused by OpenMG OK, if u have more ideas but I think now I have to format... Tell me if I'm wrong but if I want to use RealOne I have to install Open MG, there's no soft at the moment who can tansfer my music without Open MG ??? OK, thanks in advance Matt
  5. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    I'm back! I couldn't connect to Internet to use Ojbsir.exe They said: "PLease confirm Internet explorer proxy server settings if your are connecting through a LAN" I don't know what to do... I've got a modem K56. Anyway, I'm still lookin' for answers, clues, etc... anything to resolve that. I repeat I can't find the restorable directory & I have in common files/sony shared/openmg: icv.dat & maclist.dat & also maclist1.dat. Thanx a lot Help me Matt
  6. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Thanks again. So, I'm running with Windows XP Pro. I've got the directory openmg from common files but not restorable. In openmg directory, i've got: checkout, ekb, EMDKEY (with subfolders) HotFixes (idem) LPTemp (idem, subfolders again) OMGKEY procfile (idem) upadater + I run this one today but I don't know exactly why the vefirication program couldn't connect to Internet Ojbsir.exe. I'm gonna to find out... But anyway, if u have any more ideas, it would be so useful Thanx again Matt
  7. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Thanks to everybody but I couldn't find the directory "restorable". I found the 2 files in common files (icv.dat &maclist.dat) like others but in openMG directory & I should copy into it but they have already there. I tried to move out & to copy again but nothing happened. So I don't know what to do... Where is the restorable directory? ... Okay, thanks for the next replies. Matt
  8. MZ N707 I can't transfer anymore... blocked at 9%???

    Any other ideas??? Thanks Matt NB: thanks so far for your answers.
  9. So, I've already read the previous topics about that but I'd like to know more opinions. I can't transfer anymore my mp3s. It's blocked when I transfer the 1st one at 9%. I've changed the MD, a brand new but it doesn't work. Help me! Matt NB: I'm not sure if I change the software, it should be okay but maybe I can try, where can I download some softwares & what's the best with my MD?