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  1. what should i do ?

    other disks either wouldn't help :/ so only repair service would fix this anyway thx for help
  2. what should i do ?

    my nh900 shows only no disc and nothin hapnend. what should i do with it ?? maybe you can post some service manual or something like that because im stuck and dont know what's wrong with it
  3. Sony MZ-R909 pictorial

    i'm thinking about buying same blue r909 with excellent condition and i don't know is it worth to pay 100-150$ for it. or maybe n707 would be better ?? what do you think ??
  4. hi there i'm corious what is the best i-net shop out there. i'm consider to buy some staff probably Sharp DR7 or something like that but in poland it's hard to buy such things and prices are horrible. i don't really know which are good too buy at and my are: www.teamdigital.net www.my-minidisc.de www.audiocubes.com <--=Hyperjack=--> pleasehelp me to solve my problem :roll:
  5. Non NETMD?

    well sony mz-r910 will be good choice, in my opinion it is best non netmd recorder. also you should consider sharp dr-7 because of it 1bit digital amp and maybe sharp md-mt770 or panasonic mr230 because of it contains 10key keyboard and speakers. but it's your money men waste them whatever you want because it's your choice what kind of md do you buy :twisted:
  6. Good MD-Shops in Vienna?

    well i'm not from austria and i don't know anything about cool md shop's out there but i've heard that you can buy minidisc for less in "duty-free shop" near border wiht deutschland or czech republic i think... 8)
  7. Ages of minidisc users

    well i'm 20 and i'm happy
  8. MZ-N1, or MZ-N710

    well it depends what are you expect from it in my opinion n1 will be a good choice beacuse of it whole metal shell and the remote is better then in n710 also n710 has only aluminium top and everything else is made of plastic. you must consider the fact that european version of n710 has a 1.2mW+1.2mW headphone amp and the n1 has 5mW+5mW headphone amp but it's your choice men
  9. i don't have non of this md but way i see it best way for 'regular' user would be probably mz-n710 or mz-n910 if somebody can afford it.
  10. Piotr Maksymiuk!!!

    heh finally i diecided to join this forum although i read it daily. also i see that i'm not only polish person up here ;P MDX400 wrote: "Not sure what this is all about but doesn't look like Tips&Tricks to me. I can't understand the language, but yeah it doesn't seem like it." and i must say that he give me huge piece of laughing at my face, because first time i hear that polish language is such as Tips&Tricks