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  1. I have a Sharp MD 722 that I love very much. I have noticed that sometimes when recharging the recharging symbol does not appear and I recharge not knowing if anything is happening. So I guess the time needed to recharge and when I think its done I unplug and it says it is recharged. Once in a while the recharging symbol does show that it is working. Anyone else ever has this?
  2. Thank you very much.
  3. Good morning! A technical question -- will going through an airport security checkpoint damage my minidisks? :ohmy:
  4. Thank you.
  5. I bought a used Sharp md-ms 722 recorder/player and it works fine. I am not too sure about the ac adapter that came with it. My rechargeable battery will soon need to be charged and when I connect the adapter to it - nothing happens. Assuming that the adapter is not working - can I attach a different ac adapter to it - as I have adapters that came with all other kinds of products. Are all ac adapters alike? or do I have to have a special one just for a minidisc recorder?
  6. What about the Edirol UA-1A interface that is compatible for PCs and Macs?
  7. OK, I'm new to mds so please bear with me. I bought a Sharp 722 because I need to record some sounds for a movie. My Macintosh says that I can connect my recorder to the computer using a 3.5mm 1/8 miniplug. The computer has a miniplug outlet. The plug that came with the 722 is a male to female and it seems like I really need a male to male plug. Is that what I really need or do I need an interface between the 722 and the mac?