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  1. Sharp MD 722 and recharging

    I have a Sharp MD 722 that I love very much. I have noticed that sometimes when recharging the recharging symbol does not appear and I recharge not knowing if anything is happening. So I guess the time needed to recharge and when I think its done I unplug and it says it is recharged. Once in a while the recharging symbol does show that it is working. Anyone else ever has this?
  2. Airport security and minidisk damage?

    Thank you very much.
  3. Airport security and minidisk damage?

    Good morning! A technical question -- will going through an airport security checkpoint damage my minidisks? :ohmy:
  4. minidisc ac adapter

    Thank you.
  5. minidisc ac adapter

    I bought a used Sharp md-ms 722 recorder/player and it works fine. I am not too sure about the ac adapter that came with it. My rechargeable battery will soon need to be charged and when I connect the adapter to it - nothing happens. Assuming that the adapter is not working - can I attach a different ac adapter to it - as I have adapters that came with all other kinds of products. Are all ac adapters alike? or do I have to have a special one just for a minidisc recorder?
  6. MD to Macintosh question

    What about the Edirol UA-1A interface that is compatible for PCs and Macs?
  7. MD to Macintosh question

    OK, I'm new to mds so please bear with me. I bought a Sharp 722 because I need to record some sounds for a movie. My Macintosh says that I can connect my recorder to the computer using a 3.5mm 1/8 miniplug. The computer has a miniplug outlet. The plug that came with the 722 is a male to female and it seems like I really need a male to male plug. Is that what I really need or do I need an interface between the 722 and the mac?