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  1. 11/21: Wild MZ-R700/R500 Hack

    hey thanks for the info. But i still cant hack it, I dont know what im doing wrong?? The 500 it is. Thanks again
  2. 11/21: Wild MZ-R700/R500 Hack

    hey it turns itself off whilst recording - so it gets through about 3 songs and then half way through number four it just goes off without saying anything on the LCD. My batteries were brand new, and I used different sets. I was thinking its the auto shutoff kicking in cos it keeps happening around the same time, but surely whilst in recording mode this should disarm itself? The first few recorded tracks always record fine btw. I'm puzzled
  3. 11/21: Wild MZ-R700/R500 Hack

    hey me again I was just wondering if anyone has had expiernece with the MZ-R500 in terms of real time recording? I've been trying to record the hope of the states album onto mini disc all day but the bloody thing keeps turning itself off and this keeps happening even if i put it on LP2 or LP4 which is meant to leave it going for 80 and 160 mins or whatever. can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? Thanks Ian
  4. 11/21: Wild MZ-R700/R500 Hack

    Hey there - was just wondering if I'm being really stupid or not.... I tried the sequence to get into the service mode... but all I get is my screen flashing "HOLD" - so obviously i'm doing it wrong, can anyone help? Thanks in advance