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  1. Sonicstage 2.2 Resource Hog Problem

    I will not upgrade yet since program goes fine for now (as longer a huge update is made).
  2. Sonicstage 2.2 Resource Hog Problem

    I have XP Sp2 that was installed came with my couple of months new laptop.
  3. Sonicstage 2.2 Resource Hog Problem

    I heard stories version 3 (dont know if 3.1) was acting strange for someone and they had problem going back to the older version so i am unsure if to upgrade as long 2.2 not give me bigger problem
  4. Sonicstage 2.2 Resource Hog Problem

    When i was doing a transfer using Sonicstage 2.2 Today on my Laptop with 3.2 ghz 1024 Mb memory running Xp i got a blue screen. the reason seem that Sonicstage 2.2 was using lot of resources. when SS2.2 was running it used around 55.000 KB and when transfering file it went up to 69.000 KB Is it normal it use so much resources? I have many songs in the Sonicstage database could this be the reason of the resource hog if i reduce the database will sonicstage use lesser resources?
  5. Where to download Sonicstage 2.1 english?

    thanks for a very quick answer , i guess from your answer an unofficial english 2.1 is not avaible yet either, so i will stick to 2.0 for now.
  6. First excuse me if this is not the right place to post this i am not good in posting in the right forum , second i apoligize if this has been posted before. I Had sonicstage 2.0 english unofficial it worked great on win98 much better than sonicstage 1.5 but later on i had a computer crash and lost the program , Now i have upgraded my computer to Win Xp pro and put a greater memory and 80 Gb hardisk (instead of 20) but i miss out the sonicstage 2 since i dindt have a backup of that program file, which i got from someone Now i was going to ask for a download for Sonicstage 2.0 full english but then i read Sonicstage 2.1 is avaible in japan. So does someone please have a full download for Sonicstage 2.1 ENGLISH so i only have to install it and run it . If is not allowed to ask for a link for this here please then send me a link in private message or by E-mail , i realy need sonicstage 2.1 unofficial/official English if is avaible. If Sonicstage 2.1 english is not avaible yet nowhere, then please provide me a link for English Sonicstage 2.0 English Full . (preferable NOT from sony europe) All software is for Windows XP PRO and NETMD Mz-R 910 Thanks. Kind regards