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  1. I was hit by someone and after that the display cracked in few places and became black on 3/4 of its surface. Information is still displayed in places that aren't black. My MiniDisc is only 6 months old.
  2. They told that it can't be replaced alone but only with the board and it costs about half of the price of a new MD.
  3. I have Sony mz-nf810. It is almost what I wanted - MD player with radio. There are 2 things about this unit I don't like: - the remote doesn't have a back light, - support for mp3 files is only through conversion to atrac Is there any MD player/recorder with: - radio, - hardware mp3 support - remote with a backlight? If there is please write about it.(producer, product number, is it OK in every day usage)
  4. The LCD display on main unit leaked out. I want to replace it but authorized service told that it will cost almost half of a new units price. If you know what is the part number and what company is the producer of it, please send me a message.