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  1. Help Me To Save My Recordings!

    I think my question wasn't clear enough. My problem now is that the minidisc doesn't read any tracks on this disc at all.
  2. I've recorded lectures on my HiMD 1GB disc for a long time. I uploaded some of them to my friend's laptop, but his computer was erased. So I decided to split the lectures to regular 80min. discs. My plan was to backup the disc on a computer by copying all the data on it to a computer. Then, I tried to copy it back to the disc, and the MD said that it can't read it, and asked if I want to create an audio file. What can I do to save the files? They are very important to me... I understood that something was wrong because I tried that once and it worked. And I realized that In that computers preferences It didn't show the hidden files. which means it didn't copy the 0kb file on the root directory. Could that be the reason? What can I do to solve it? Please reply the message to avil77@coolmail.co.il since I don't have access to the net usually accept of this e-mail address.
  3. Ripping ATRAC with a virtual cd-r drive

    I found a program that can do that. You can find it in http://www.ztekware.com
  4. Ripping ATRAC with a virtual cd-r drive

    I intend to use it for many tracks - I intend to record lectures, and to upload them to my computer. Do you know about a program that emulates a cd-rrw?
  5. I have an idea how to rip ATRAC - to use a program tha will create a virtual cd-r Drive, and to create threw sonicstage an audio cd or mp3 cd. Can some one tell me If it sims to work, and if it does, where can I find a program that will emulate a cd burner (and not a regular cd-rom like they all do?) Please reply to avil@softhome.net
  6. HD vs. minidisc recorders

    What's so good in the IPod? is there a line input for it?
  7. mic for live recording

    I am going to buy a new md. I want to record with it myself playing and live concert. Which type of mic is the best for these purposes (T/shotgun/etc.)? my budget is about 50-75$. I would be happy to get a recommendment for a specific type. Thank u very much
  8. HD vs. minidisc recorders

    I want to buy a new machine that knows to playback and to record. I checked minidiscs and HD recorders (for example - Iriver), and I didn't find any reason why the minidisc is better. The hd has a hard drive of 20 gb, uploading files is available, it can record a 48 khz wave file. Can you please give me reasons why to buy a minidisc?
  9. hi-md purchase

    I want to buy a new md with a mic for recording myself playung things, and recording live concerts. I have few questions: a. What's the differnce between the nhf800 and the nh900? what's digital amp and digital pitch? which other important differnces are between these two? b. Which mic should I buy? my price range is 50-75$ c. Can I upload things that were recorded with old minidiscs to my computer with the new HI-MD minidiscs?