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  1. Is it also possible to transfer tracks from your pc to sony a1000? It will be a good alternative for sonicstage
  2. Can't transer any tracks on my NW-HD1

    i can t restre too coz the player was having problems at the beginning. The starnge thing is that lots of tracks can be transferred to my e307 but not to mu husband s a1000
  3. Can't transer any tracks on my NW-HD1

    Hi, I m new here too. I recently got a e307 and a nw A1000. I m using sonuc stage 3.4 and having the same problem as you. After I compile a album on my pc and want to transfer tit to my device, some of the tracks can not be transferred, iy s said something like read onlu files. Xan someone help me? I m from Belgium as wel Thanks a lot