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  1. sharp remote control

    Hi, I'm looking for a Sharp remote control for my portable minidisc unit(IM-DR410H(S). I believe it has a standard Sharp remote connection so any remote from any Sharp unit will do. If you have a remote control from Sharp, please mail me at dj_bartman@hotmail.com. ps. I live in the Netherlands...
  2. Well.... It's working again! Tried to uninstall everything via the NetMD Faq again. And installed the original software from Sharp (Justsystem) and the program was working again! But.... Then the programm didn't recognize the MD-player..... :whatever: Installed the driver from sharp again and now it's finally working all together. Also with simple burner and that program works pretty ok. Thanks for all your tips! ps, I also have the sony MZ-R30 recorder, it is about 7 years old now and it's still working fine today! And all the minidiscs i've bought through the years are still functional today. I really like the minidisc format and I must say that the sound of my new (really cheap!!) sharp md-recorder sounds better then most mp3-players. I think that the OMG format is better then the mp3 format... If all the security shit was gone this would be the best thing to use for compressed audio!
  3. Somehow it seems that the file MPR.DLL has something to do with my problem! It is looking for WNetAddConnection2W or tries to open it... I can find some information on the net about it, but not how to solve the problem. Is there anyone who knows something about it?
  4. Thanx for your advise, The openmg secure module is not in my Add/Remove Programs list... It was before, but I already had the problem and tried to uninstall it, and it dit not respond when i tried.. So I downloaded advanced uninstaller at tucows.com to get rid of it. The program worked, but now I don't get the openmg secure module in that list anymore when I install beatjam (the sharp answer to sonicstage). I tried to uninstall and install everything according to the guidelines on this forum, but the result is what I wrote down before.. Also I tried to install the openmg module seperately, but somehow could not. I was already pretty frustrated and had to buy a new mouse because of that.... :wacky: But now I'm cooled down a bit and I'm trying to selove this problem. (I hope I don't have to reinstall windows......)
  5. I have purchased a Sharp im-dr410(s) and I'm very happy with it. But after using it for one week the software on my windows xp does not work anymore.... First I installed the Beatjam program and made a few discs. Later i installed sonicstage but never made any discs with it. 2 days ago i wanted to make a new disc and the beatjam program does not start up anymore. Everytime i start it up it tries to install de openmg secure module and fails during the procedure. I'f installed beatjam more then 10 times now and it gives the same error everytime. Every other program I install gives me the same problem, sonic stage gives me the error : Cannot find the OpenMG Secure Module. Exiting SonicStage and simpleburner/realplayer are also not working.. somehow i can install beatjam on a old hdd with windows 98se on the same pc, but i want to use it again on my xp hdd.. I tried the jet 4.0 solution and installed servicepack 2 for windows xp, but nothing works.... can anyone help me?