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  1. Sony Net-MD MZ-N710 remote problem

    Hi, I purchased a MZ-N710 2 monts ago and from the start i had problems. The battery was not charging so I desided to send it to sony. After 1 month they send it back with a replased battery and some minor fixes. A couple of days ago when I was ajusting the volume from the remote, it suddently went silent. If I plug my headphones directly to the unit I have perfect sound so i guess that the problem is with the remote. So now I got this dilema. If I ave to send te WHOLE unit back to sony again I might have to wait longer than before (with the Xmas vacation just around the corver) or I just don't use a remote. Is there anything I can try to do to fix it myself? Will i be able to send them just the remote, without the unit or in order the warranty to be valid I have to send away the whole unit? Any help will be appreciated :smile: Thnx in advance
  2. Sony MZ-N710 charge problem

    Hi, I'm new in the Minidisc world as i bought my first ever unit 2 days ago from the internet. The problem I have is that I cannot charge the flat battery(NH-10WN) of the MD. The adaptor is correct connected, and the battery is inserted correctly. I connect the adaptor to the plug of the MD and press the STOP/CANCEL/CRG button once and I get the display "Charging". After 2.5 hours I tried to play a disc but I was getting low battery, so I charged it for another 2.5 hours. That happened 4-5 times. The unit itself works ok when it"s connected to the adaptor. Am i doing something wrong or should i send the MD back to the place I bought it?