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  1. Questions on MZ-NH1

    Sony LIP-4WM from Minidisco. I simply added a second battery when I ordered the unit. Next stop is Sound Professionals for mike upgrades. If I keep this up, my last stop will have to be my Bank to expand my home equity credit line. This is nuts!
  2. Questions on MZ-NH1

    Thanks for the responses. And, for placing my post in the appropriate location. NH1 battery life is encouraging. My primary application is recording live music, ranging from large, open air festivals to smaller clubs. Certain events are real marathons, i.e., 8 hours. Therefore, I ordered a second battery and will attend with both fully charged. I look forward to experimenting with different mikes to find optimal set-up for each environment.
  3. Questions on MZ-NH1

    How long does stock battery really last when recording? Should I use my AT Cardioid Stereo mikes or the Sony ECM-MS907 mike? Which input? Battery box or direct? Thanks!