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  1. Amusician looking for a recording suite!

    Thanks very much! I am going to try the binaural stereo mic setup from Sound pro's. They're on clearance for $39.00! A long extension cable for the mics, and I can use the wired remote.
  2. Amusician looking for a recording suite!

    I went ahead and bid on and won, a Sharp MD-722; it was a good deal at $36, I think, and has a mic sensitivity preamp. Any thoughts on this unit? Now I need to get the stereo mic to go along with it, and am looking for suggestions. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi, Dan here. I play in 4 groups, and want to record rehearsals and live club gigs. My specific needs are a recorder, stereo mics (wireless, maybe?), and a wireless remote to pause and not have to record a bunch of talk and nonsense. Just the music, please! lol. I know the Hi-MD players give you greatly extended recording time -- is that in full bandwidth stereo? The system doesn't have to be very small, but MD is small by nature. I'm looking for a functional system that isn't too fragile, as it'll get bounced around from studio to gig, not a demo-quality recording studio. Upload to my desktop for tweaking good tracks would of course be necessary, as well. Any and all help, is greatly appreciated! Happy holidays, and keep rocking!