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  1. Sony Ecm-907 90 Or 120?

    I will be recording a classical piano recital and the mic can only be about 7 feet away on a chair (i.e. not in the piano or even that close to it). Should the mic switch be on 90 or 120? And on the mini disc (MZNH1) should sensitivity be low? TIA, James
  2. Newbie - Recording Help Please

    Fantastic, thanks. Did what you suggested. The sound isn't yet ideal (about 2 feet above the hammers and just to the right of the piano) but iwll experiment more. Thanks for your help! J
  3. Newbie - Recording Help Please

    Hi, I have just received a new Sony MX-NH1 HiMD recorder. I also have the Sony ECM-907 stereo mic. I have one hiMD blank disc and 5 normal MD discs. Here are my questions: I want to record a classical piano recital I am giving using the above equipment and am fairly confident about setting it up to record. Is it better to record it onto the hiMD disc or a normal disc? Also how easy is it then to transfer the recording from the MD player to my PC so I can edit the tracks and burn it to cd? Forgive my stupidity -- it is kinda overhwleming getting new technology in formats I am unfamiliar with - a pretty steep learning curve! TIA, James