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  1. Hi-md Player Reading Disc Error

    I have since tried another disc which would not work either indicating a machine problem, however a little later,the player suddenly returned to normal save a few rumblings. The player appears to be fixed. I am simply hoping this problem does not occur again. overall it stopped working for about 3 days. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi-md Player Reading Disc Error

    I have had my MZ-NH900 for about three weeks now and it has been working beyond expectations. However I have run into a problem and cannot think how it happened. I listened to a track at night and then turned the unit off and placed it on the table next to me. Come the morning i turned it on and it would not play any tracks. The timer just remained at 00:00. So I took the disc out and then reinserted it. However the unit just kept rumbling seemingly unable to read the disc. After about three minutes of unusual noises it comes up with a 'READ ERROR' I have only ever recorded off the computer and have experienced no problems in the past. It hasnt worked for two days now. I dont want to get another 1gb disc in case the same happens again. (plus they are hard to come by) I would appreciate any help or suggestions thanks