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  1. I have a problem with *really* loud sounds - like explosions. I've used AGC LoudMusic and low sensitivity and my Behringer ECM8000's (18VDC phantom power from a 9V battery cluster on XLR connections - adapted to unbalanced mini-stereo jacks for my RH910) give recordings that don't clip (when viewed in Audacity) but look rather like the microphones themselves are being overdriven - like the condenser halves are being driven into contact with each other. If this is true, then I need to actually attenuate the peak pressures and I'm not sure how to do this in a way that's flat WRT frequence (the Behringer's are flat spectrally). Anyone have any ideas on VERY loud sounds? Thanks, Patti EDIT: upon further reading, it may be that I need a higher phantom voltage
  2. HiMD recording really LOUD things

    Thanks - I'm not really sure what you mean by a battery box - my microphones require phantom power supplied by batteries - via the XLR cable. Is that what you mean? I think the saturation can happen physically when the microphone membrane bottoms out - I think very loud sounds can displace the microphone element to the limit of its travel. When I've gotten *electronic* saturation before, the signal clips at a peak voltage and you can see that when you display it in, say, Audacity.
  3. HiMD recording really LOUD things

    OIC - I guess there's more than one issue here. I was recording into the mic input with sensitivity set to low and AGC set to "loud music." It did not saturate, but the shapes of the peaks suggested the microphone diaphragm "bottomed out" at several places - sort of a "mechanical saturation" - which is more of a microphone issue than a MD issue... I was just looking for folks who might know of a forum where they discuss such things. Patti
  4. HiMD recording really LOUD things

    Hi All: I'm using my HiMD to record really LOUD things, like explosions. I have a pair of Behringer ECM8000 microphones which appear to be overdriven by the shock wave(s). I'm guessing that the element(s) of the microphone are driven to their physical limits of movement. Does anyone know of a recording forum where people might know how to prevent this? My first thought is to enclose the microphone in some sort of box to attenuate the sound, but I'm afraid of messing up the frequency response of the microphones (they're very flat). THANKS! Patti
  5. Still using my MZ RH910

    I found this link: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/index.php?showtopic=24406 ...but I can't seem to find a good link on how to get into and out of service mode...
  6. Still using my MZ RH910

    A little worried about trying to get into - and back out of - service mode I really, really like the color of my blue N707 - is there any way short of fingernail polish to change the color of my NH600D - do they make "skins" or whatever?
  7. Still using my MZ RH910

    I got my NH600 today, and it has only a USB and a Sony remote plug as inputs - which is OK with me - I just bought it so I could play HiMD discs that I recorded with more expensive units. The NH600 (refurb) was less than half the price of the NH700 (used). It works fine with the Sony remote.
  8. Still using my MZ RH910

    I got my NH700 today to use with a computer for quick-like-a-rabbit make MD's for my pretty blue '707 - too bad the 707 won't take HiMDs! Simple Burner rocks!!! Maybe I should grab an NH600 to play HiMD's...
  9. Still using my MZ RH910

    Thanks for the info!! What are the important differences between the RH1 and the NH700? I can get the NH700 used for less than $200, but the RH1 is over $340. I also like the use of a single AA battery over the gumstick - the gumstick on my 910 was always corroding if I left it sit for a few weeks. Tried replacing the battery and it did the same thing. With the LaCrosse AA charger, AA rechargeable battery technology is finally adequate. Patti EDIT: Just downloaded the manual for the MH700 - it has VU meters!! EDIT2: In the manual, it looks almost the same as my '910
  10. Still using my MZ RH910

    Thanks for the information - I'm kinda new - so after reading all these responses, I looked for those part numbers on ebay and found both. I just hope they don't display in kanji! It also looks the remote controls have built-in microphones? That '707 I bought came with four mics - all stereo - including an ECM-DS70P, a lapel mike, and a couple of what look like laptop-computer mics, so I'm all set for mics. Patti
  11. Still using my MZ RH910

    OIC. I figured as much. I just got my '707 today and it seems very solid construction (I read it's a magnesium cover). I like that it has a AA battery, though that makes it a tad more bulky. I see it doesn't have Hi-MD. I believe it probably has an older ATRAC also, which means distortion at high compression levels - though the reviews are pretty good. I'm going to try enabling the higher-level features. Unfortunately, I can't set microphone sensitivity as I can with my 910 (different internal amplifier setup). Still, it's a nice "backup" to my 910, which does have HiMD. I usually only need a couple of hours at a time worth of live recording. The remote control is incredibly "cheezy" compared to the rest of the unit - is a higher-quality remote control another "ebay" item? Thanks!! Patti
  12. Still using my MZ RH910

    I wonder if there are any online sources of a spare flex-cable for the N707? Likely I'd have to use a microscope to even see the screws!
  13. Still using my MZ RH910

    Thanks for the great information! I'm sure glad I asked - it sounds like a design flaw on Sony's part... I was looking at the M200 - I did a search and it looks identical to the RH1. They both seem to have the same price here in the States, when you can find one! Do these models not have the ribbon cable? How about my RH910? These things are amazing recorders, in a class of their own. About the "switchover to ipods," I don't see how tech-savvy Asians can be confused about the audio difference - or maybe ipods are "good enough" for passive listening? I'm really excited about new features - fast computer transfer and direct CD transfer... Patti That's what, $280? I think a new one (though rare) goes for $340 here. Maybe I should sink the money into it after all...
  14. Still using my MZ RH910

    Oops! I thought I saw that it had the netMD upload to computer? Also, what's a "record ribbon?" Didn't see that anywhere on my other two recorders.
  15. Still using my MZ RH910

    Thanks, Stephen! I know ebay is a way to buy used things - but what about the reference to yahoo Japan? Not sure what that means... Patti EDIT: Just went on ebay and bought an MD-N707 with stereo microphones for $179. Such a deal! I'd really like to get that new one - the $400 M200 or something like it - just a little pricey, though. It's supposed to be one of the most durable made to date. The only problem I've ever had with the two recorders I've owned is that the battery terminals tend to corrode - which can be a real headache... Patti