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  1. Recording Md On Hi-mdto Be Listened On Netmd

    cheers peoples!! Wot a good site, never knew this was here, very fast and pleasant responses even if i started out by making a statement and a half!!. I will be back for sure as i want to get the best out of this new gadget. Even though it's entry level i am already impressed as it allows me to just chuck loads of my CD's onto one disc and off we go rather than taking loads of discs with me. thanks again jim
  2. Recording Md On Hi-mdto Be Listened On Netmd

    HA HA HA, LO(VERY)L, Well yes but i have had that for Thirty years but the mini disc about ten. I get equal amount of usage out of both but more pleasure with the mini disc. HA HA HA. CHEERS jim
  3. Hi Ive had a minidic for about ten years now and have just bought a MZ-NH1600 HiMd (not enough pennies in pocket for a better one!!), i'm learning as i go along and have found useful info on this site. Anyway i am trying to record a mini disc for a friend of mine but he only has a net md. Am i right in thinking that as long as i set my recorder in Mini disc mode i can copy him a disc? Is it o.k. to use Sonic stage to transfer onto the actual disc using Atrac3 and NOT Atrac 3plus so he'll be able to play the disc in his net Md? I think it will do it but just wanted to check. cheers jim