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  1. Remote For Mz-nh600. Edit: Got One

    Does anyone have a remote that's compatible with this unit that they'd like to sell? perhaps an RM-MC38EL? Email me at: markkleijweg@yahoo.com edit: well I guess the RM-MC33EL isn't the newest remote, but it'll do for now...
  2. Mz-nh600 Output

    I'm not entirely sure which menu I should be under... is it: 4. MD1 or 5. HiMD1 ? Just making sure, I don't want to wreck my new toy...
  3. Mz-nh600 Output

    Thanks very much, I'm going to try it straight away.
  4. Mz-nh600 Output

    I'm Dutch, and the unit was bought in a Dutch store, brand new for 50 euro's. Looks like it came from France, French is the first language on the box, manual etc. The shop was doing a stunt and I could hardly pass on an offer like that. Coming to think of it, I should have probably bought a couple more and sold them on ebay with profit .
  5. Mz-nh600 Output

    Hi everybody, maybe I can start by saying that this forum ROCKS, I already found tons of answers to most of my questions, just 1 left. It concerns the european Nh600, which I bought yesterday and am quite happy with, but...... The sound that comes from this gadget literally sucks compared to my old MZ-R90 which I've used until now. The quality is significantly lower (no richness whatsoever) and so is the volume. It also seems like the maximum volume is limited and when you reach a certain volume level in a song (for some that may be at vol.20 for others at vol.30) the player just won't go past it! As a result, you can up the volume all you like but generally when you go past 25 the actual volume just doesn't incease anymore :-(. I've messed around with the acoustic engine and upped the bass a bit, which helps the quality a bit but is also seems like it lowers the max. volume "threshold" as well. (I'll call it that for lack of knowledge of a better word). So my question is: Is this different on the more expensive models like the NH900 and the NH-1? Do they have more powerful outputs? Can I Hack the default output setting in the service menu and up it a bit? Thanks in advance for your help.