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  1. Sony VAIO Pocket VGF-AP1L Pictorial

    Thanks !! I was able to figure out how to FF. Got used to the Zen/iPod way ... I'll check the manual out ...
  2. Sony VAIO Pocket VGF-AP1L Pictorial

    I just got my VGF-AP1L to replace my Zen Micro due to lack of space and here are my first impressions. Pros: Nice looking. Well build. Cons: 1- The product manual is dismal. It's almost non existent. 2- I haven't figure how to create proper playlist yet. What I do is to chose each song, play it and chose the heart icon and click on it to add. I guess I got spoiled by the Creative software which enables me to create playlist using my computer. I hope they will all some software/firmware to support named playlist. Without a named playlist, it's difficult to remember which song is on which playlist. 3- Cannot fast forward within a song. I've lots of audiobooks and some of the books is an hour or two long in a single Mp3. I want to be able to fast forward to a certain part of the book without having to listen all over if I decide to listen to something else in between. 3- Doesn't come w/ a clip or case, it doesn't fit well in my pocket. A bit on the heavy side. 4- The software is not easy to use nor intituitive as itune or Creative Labs. 5- Have to use their software to transfer files. which means I cannot transfer the music on my player onto my friend's computer. I think there is also some DRM when I load the software for the first time, asked me to register or I will not be able to use another computer to transfer file to my player. I hope it's not true, I have not register an account or anything but I am planing to transfer a few files from my laptop. Overall, Sony should learn to build something much easier to use and more open if they want to have any future in the MP3 palyers market. Nice hardware w/ crappy software doesn't help. I'll just have to get used to it and hopefully someone from Sony will listen to their users. --