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  1. Transferring .oma

    I've formatted mi hy hd, before i've saved my .oma files. Now I've installed Sonicstage and I've imported this oma files. But it is impossible transferring it to minidisc (I've no license). Is there a way (or another software) to transfer this oma files on minidisc? Or must I re-convert all my music? Many thanks Pierluigi
  2. Bookmark

    Is there a way to set a bookmark track by pc and not by minidisc? Many thanks Pierluigi
  3. Live Recording.

    Many thanks greenmachine. Your answer is been so precious. Now I've seen this volume attenuator (because radioshack don't ship in Italy and soundprofessionals wants 20£ for shipping cost) http://cgi.ebay.it/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...ADME:L:RTQ:IT:1 Is it a good choice? Pierluigi
  4. Live Recording.

    Hi. I would record a live concert (rock). How do I set up my minidisc? I have a MZ-NH700 and a binaural microphones. Mic sens: high or low? Standard or Loudmusic? Many thanks Pierluigi