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  1. "cannot Play"! (910)

    I had the same problem too, as i was unable to download my mp3's via sonicstage onto the mz-rh910. I have however found a way around the problem. If your using a nero you can encode mp3 files into Windows Media Audio files, with the mp3pro encoder installer. if you dont have a nero you can always download it from somewhere. Anyway, as long as you have the mp3pro encoder installer, it will encode all of your mp3s and let you download them onto your minidisc without any hassels, it may take while to encode but its worth it if you have a large music libray. If this has been of any help then let me know.
  2. "cannot Play"! (910)

  3. New Recordings Wont Play

    hey..i've had the same kinda problem, when i try to transfer mp3 files to my Hi-MD mz-rh910 i get a CAN NOT PLAY error, however this dosent occure on all the files. I think maybe its a generation of the mp3 file so it needs encoding????? i'm signed on here as burberlang
  4. I'm pretty much new to this so it may have been covered already somewhere on this forum, but i have a problem with transfering my mp3 files to my Hi-MD MZ-RH910, running on XP pro with the sonic stage 3.1 software. (isnt it cumbersome?) The problem is with the mp3 encoding issue, some of my files when transfered to the Hi-MD from sonic stage will not play, and i keep getting a CAN NOT PLAY error. I beleive it is something to do with the generation of the MP3 Fle and how it is encoded. I dont really know about the atrac file conversion, so it is set to default open MG audio (atrac3) 132kbps. Can anyone help me with this issue? if it is due to how the mp3 file is encoded, is their a way around it?