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  1. Quality Problems

    thanks for your advice, I used SS 3.1. and the Real Player Plug-in. I just made analogue recording through my stand-alone cd-player - same problem. So it cannot be a problem of low qual. mp3 recordings, maybe the player needs some cleaning? I make another attempt with different MD brand. Brouwsing through the forum I do not see any reports of those hisses and crackles - the recording even shows some interrupts- that I encounter. thanks stefan
  2. Quality Problems

    hi all, I just bought a second hand MZ-S1. I recorded some MP3 (high qual.) through USB from my PCat LP2. If I play them on the MZ, I get some really annoying crackles and hisses. I repeated the process on 2 PC' using Sonic stage 1.3 and Real Player, no difference. I did not yet try to record from cd player, but I listened to some pre-recorded stuff which sounded fine. I used a new sony md. Any ideas would be fine thanks stefan