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  1. Encoding problems with sonic stage 3.1

    First of all, Hi, I'm new to the forum so aplogies in advance if this is in the wrong forum or if i'm enfringing on any rules etc... anyway, I haev a rather peculiar problem with my setup. I have a sony MZ-N10 and am using Sonicstage 3.1 (as my thread title states). My OS is windows XP SP2 and i use the default MP3 and atrac codecs Now here's the problem, Recently I have been unable to transfer certain songs from sonicstage to my netMD properly. Every time i try i get strange noises in the background, I assume it's from a bad encode. but what is strange is that I have transferred some of the songs before and no such problems have arisen previously. The affected tracks seem to be random as i can't find anything in the file info that sets them apart from eachother. My sonicstage has no problems playing the files thru my pc but the sound is messed up only on my MD and in one instance, the encoding freezes my computer... does anyone know what i can do to fix it?