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  1. Added "600" to the topic I'm trying to make an exact list of Display Screen compatible models for the site. Current List: NW-E405 NW-E407 NW-E503 NW-E505 NW-E507 NW-A608 If anybody knows of any others please post. Many Thanks B
  2. Hi all, I have created a online display screen generator. Check it out: http://www.checkbit.co.uk/nwm New topic for any discussion here: http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1571 Regards Ben
  3. Hi All, I have created an online conversion utility that allows owners of Sony NW-E400/E500/A600 Network Walkman's to create their own custom Display Screens (Screen Savers). Check it: http://www.checkbit.co.uk/nwm Feedback Welcome Regards Ben Ps The players firmware version MUST be version 2.00 or higher for the display screens to work. (see installation notes on site)
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