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  1. Any impression on EX-85?

    Thanks! I'll be getting EX85
  2. Any impression on EX-85?

    I saw them in Singapore for around S$88 (58US$)... They also had EX-90 for around S$165 (108US$) How does EX-85 compared to EX-90 or EX-81? FYI, I have an EX-81.
  3. NW A1000 - Frozen at spinning CD

    Sorry maybe i didn't make myself clear. I just received the unit yesterday. Will have to wait for another month before I can have someone to bring it back to my brother for exchange. (can't trust mail courier in my country...) Local Sony store in my country doesn't have the unit and I think they don't even know this unit type exist....
  4. NW A1000 - Frozen at spinning CD

    Whoa, same problem with mine, but my unit is NW-A3000 and it was already DOA (Dead on Arrival) (sigh....) Never have the chance to actually use the unit.... First time started the unit, it shows spinning disc with beeping sounds. Tried to charge the unit, it fires up, pop up message "Sorry System Error No.20". Shut down the unit, turn it on again, now it only shows spinning disc (no beeping sound). Player can't be detected at all by Windows... Can't update firmware or even access the unit at all. Had my brother bought it, have waited for almost 2 weeks to get it at my hand. My expectation were high but now i have to send it back 1000 KM to have it exchanged.... I missed my iPod mini....