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  1. NW-A3000 and Connect Player

    Believe it or not, reinstalling Windows XP does solve the problem quite effectiveley ... I have another question quite off topic... What are the names of the 2 songs that are on a NW-A3000 when it is "fresh out the box". Could someone send me those songs (if its legal), or atleast the artist and song names, so I can download it off a music service or sth...
  2. NW-A3000 and Connect Player

    Sonicstage 3.4 doesn't seem to work with my a3000, and yes I've updated CP to the latest version...
  3. NW-A3000 and Connect Player

    I've installed and updated Connect Player to transfers songs to my A3000, and it was working pretty fine until I removed the device from the device list inside CP (he didn't want to refresh the playlists, so I thought removing and redetecting the unit is the best idea). However, connect player is not recognizing my A3000 anymore, and I don't know what to do to change that. I've tried reinstalling Connect Player, reinitialising the A3000 didn't work either. If anyone has encountered this problem, please post the solution for this issue as fast as possible, as I have ended up with an empty A3000 and a Connect Player that isn't recognizing the player...