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  1. Damage Reviews: Sony MDR-XD400

    Thanks for the replies. Since my ears sweat so much, I guess I can't get these. Do you know of some good quality open ear or closed ear with ventilation headphones for ~$80 (US) that are durable and don't have excessive bass? Thanks. Edit: I am reading up on senn HD 485's, they seem closed but people say the ventilation is good?
  2. Damage Reviews: Sony MDR-XD400

    I hope this thread isn't dead and someone can please help me. I am seriously considering mdr xd400's but I have a few questions for happy owners. Does anyone wear glasses and spend long hours with your xd400's? Is it comfortable with glasses on after a few hours use? Also, do your ears get warm/waxy/sweaty? Finally, I'm concerned about the lack of manual size adjustment, is the headband oppressive (especially for large-headed people)? Thank you. Edit: Also, I intend to use them with my PC, without amplifier. Does that mean that they will sound weak? Thank you.