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  1. Hi-MD vs MD

    Thanks for the welcome. Not sure what you mean by PCM though. Basically, I'm wanting to record all my mix CD's and stick them onto Hi-MD to save some space. I usually carry around 8 MDs with me at any one time (can never make my mind up!) and seriously need to save some space. I don't really go in for the whole MP3 thing, so gappy formats aren't really a problem. Mind you, I've got some Ogg Vorbis files that play back sans-gaps. Hmm...
  2. PC MiniDisc recorder

    Thanks for the replies guys. Any ideas what the model number was?
  3. PC MiniDisc recorder

    Hullo. A few years back Sony introduced a MD recorder for the PC. I seem to remember it fitting into a 5 1/4" drive bay and not really being all that good. However, having searched through most of the equipment listings on the main site I can't find any evidence of it existing. Am I going mad?
  4. Hi-MD vs MD

    Just a quick question from a newbie... Does Hi-MD allow you to record a mix CD and play back the tracks seamlessly, without adding gaps between them? So, in effect, would I be able to use the increased storage space of the Hi-MD and still get the wonderful benefits of MD - being able to play a mix CD back without annoying gaps between the tracks, something the iPods (et-al) of this world just cannot do. Just in case I'm not making myself clear - the monkeys at my local Sony centre just stared at me and scratched their heads - I want to be able to record a mix CD with, let's say 20 tracks on, that plays back as one seamless track but allows me to skip between the individual component tracks at will. And if so, would I be able to fit multiple albums onto one Hi-MD, flick between mixes and also flick between tracks within these mixes? Any help would be appreciated. Apologies if this has been covered before (I searched, to little avail) so if it has you can just point me in the right direction and mock me behind my back.