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  1. MZ-RH10 & Mp3 Playback

    well i have been on this topic..wondering if its true and sure enough my LAME mp3s sound like crap... sadly. this only means that now i need to re rip to Atrac3...big freakin deal. this dosn't make me hate Sony too much as i really like my RH10, it sounds great with Atrac files. The only real gripe i have is that now i have only Sonic Stage to playback all my tunes...why not a winamp plugin or somehting...that would be nice.
  2. Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    This topic is depressing...i just got my Hi-MD player...now there dumping it... that blows...time to look for cheap disks and use it till it dies
  3. New hi-md user!

    I know MD isn't doing well and will probably not be around years from now. but i really cant stand alot of the HD payers out there and so far my RH10 is really impressing me. the sound is good, it looks good, its small. I wanted to be a little different and not follow the Ipod crowd. Any way im just wanting to know what a good mic to buy for recording lectures and the ocational concert ( college jazz band... acustic guitar stuff a few frends will do ) also when i format the disk it seems like im loosing memory on the Hi-MD every time i format/erase the audio.