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  1. Yes, I uploaded it with 2.0. But what a F***!! What do you mean with that "upload only once"?? Never heard! krautio
  2. Hi! They are tracks recorded via mic in. So what could I do? Krautio
  3. Hi! I have MZ-NH700 and Sonic Stage 3.2. I have tried to transfer audio from my MD to pc but I have had a serious problem. When I choose the songs to transfer and click the arrow "<--" next warning text appears: "Tracks that do not exist in My Library are selected. Do you want to delete the specified tracks from the device?" If I choose "yes" the file from the md will be deleted!! Why the transfer doesn't work? When I used Sonic Stage 2.0. I didn't have any problems. I installed 3.2 because Wav Conversion Tool doesn't work with 2.0. best wishes, krautio