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  1. Problem with transfering data from MD to PC

    Yes, I uploaded it with 2.0. But what a F***!! What do you mean with that "upload only once"?? Never heard! krautio
  2. Problem with transfering data from MD to PC

    Hi! They are tracks recorded via mic in. So what could I do? Krautio
  3. Hi! I have MZ-NH700 and Sonic Stage 3.2. I have tried to transfer audio from my MD to pc but I have had a serious problem. When I choose the songs to transfer and click the arrow "<--" next warning text appears: "Tracks that do not exist in My Library are selected. Do you want to delete the specified tracks from the device?" If I choose "yes" the file from the md will be deleted!! Why the transfer doesn't work? When I used Sonic Stage 2.0. I didn't have any problems. I installed 3.2 because Wav Conversion Tool doesn't work with 2.0. best wishes, krautio