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  1. SonicStage 2.0

    you think i haven't thought about?! It's been pissing me off for ages. The reason it's not working is cos i haven't got sp2, my computer is heavily used by my whole family which has wrecked it, and it would take an age to back up all their stuff, and i have no medium to do so. I know version 2.0 will work cos it worked before, i just need to put it on, transfer my tunes for my holiday and go. Hopeful Syrius will help....
  2. SonicStage 2.0

    I really appreciate all the help on this thread but i don't understand why everyone wants me to fix my computer so badly, nobody has yet said if they have a copy of 2.0 they can send me? I know my computer is absolutely screwed but i've got sooo much stuff that needs backing up before i wipe it and at the moment no way off doing that. Come on peeps, this is a mini-disc forum, someone must have it?! I go 2moro so this is my last gasp attempt or i'm gonna chuck my md in player in the bin.
  3. SonicStage 2.0

    Just tried to get SP1 and that didn't work either. Has anyone here actually got a copy of v2.0??
  4. SonicStage 2.0

    Don't know if i have sp1? Yeah it's a legit copy of windows. Tried that last thing you suggested, didn't work either. This is the error - Service Pack 2 could not back up the registry key HKCR\ADOX.catalogue2.8 to file c:\windows\$ntservicepack.uninstall$reg00256 Access is denied.
  5. SonicStage 2.0

    I've tried literally everything, there are no baddies on my computer and it STILL won't install sp2. It says i don't have access to the registy or something, which is crap cos i'm an administrator and there are only 2 accounts on the computer. Then just closes. So has anyone pleeeeeease got a copy of V 2.0, and please don't say - "my priority should be to sort my system out".....i know that, but i haven't got time for it now. I just wanna put the old version on, which i know works, get my music on this god-forsaken machine and go.
  6. SonicStage 2.0

    Ok cheers, gonna let it scan, i've gotta go out now.....will check back this thread though. I'm gonna die if i can't take my music with me for 6 months!
  7. SonicStage 2.0

    Appreciate the help, i'll give that a try. But failing that do you know any way of getting SS 2.0?
  8. SonicStage 2.0

    It just terminates near the end of the installation, thats a whole other problem, as i said, my computer's really screwed and there could be a million and one reasons for it not working.
  9. SonicStage 2.0

    Ummm, 3.0ghz P4, 512mb ram, Xp, dunno what else is useful.
  10. SonicStage 2.0

    I've searched high & low and starting this thread is a last resort... does anyone know where i can download Sonic Stage 2.0??? I've got 50gbs of music, loads of blank md's....and i'm going round the world for 6 months next week. I desperately need to get music on my player. I've followed the FAQ's for uninstalling previous versions, and nothing has worked. I suspect the reason i can't get 3.2 on is because I haven't got SP2. Which has failed to install many times. My pc is absolutely wrecked really and needs formatting, but i haven't got time for that.....SS2 is the only thing i know will work but my cd is scratched! If anyone can get me a previous version i'd be so grateful!