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  1. Software for minidisc & mp3 players

    Hello one and all, welcome to my first post. I am after suggestions/recommendations for software installation, apologies if this is elsewhere, I have looked but am unable to find anything I recognise as relevant. I need to be able to support library functions for minidisc (for me)and a Walkman NW-A3000 (her indoors, outdoors and elsewhere). Prior to getting the Walkman as a birthday present (one day I will learn not to buy myself problems) I was using 3.4 for my minidiscs and my Samsung mp3 player with no problems, this I then upgraded to 4.0 and the problems started. I have some 3-4000 un DRM'ed mp3 tracks stored and tried to transfer a few hundred of these to the walkman. I imported all into the library, and then tried to sync some tracks. Computer stopped dead in the water 100% cpu used, ctrl - alt - del for task manager took 5 minutes for response. Ok I thought, less tracks at a time, eventually getting to one CD worth at a time with the same result. Decided maybe the upgrade was the problem, so trawled the forums, read the removal instructions, followed them and downloaded a fresh CP4, managed to get a few tracks across then 100% cpu, dead computer. Now I have installed a new hdd, fresh xp and sp2 installation, and am getting ear-ache about more music on her player from my other half. I have yet installed any Sony software, not wanting to confuse my new installation with the "crabgrass elimination" that uninstalling it involves. As 3.4 worked ok with my old hardware, I would like to try this (foolishly I didn't try this first). I don't use the Sony store but the computer to install on does have an internet connection, so I don't know if your installer will work, "and if you have an internet connection on the computer you're installing this on, please obtain an official copy of Sonicstage 3.4"...? Does anyone have any suggestions/experience? Thanks for reading.