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  1. While it doesn't work doing like in the SS help files - the program can't see that I have a Gen1 device and tries to transfer the MP3 files even if I have configured to always transfer to Atrac3/Atrac3+ - there is a way around that. I import the MP3 files, then mark all the files in SS and select Convert from the menu. Then delete (move) the MP3 files and SS decides to transfer the converted files instead...
  2. Are you sure Mp3:s are converted in SS? I believe 2nd generation Hi-MD play MP3, while 1st generation (as I have) don't, and SS doesn't convert... I may remember this incorrectly, it was a few years ago I started with converting to WAV, could be because of the problem vith VBR.
  3. I've already tried that and it didn't help, bu thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I haven't had time to look further at this lately, but is there anything else to use other than WAV?
  5. 2) Yes, mee too, but too many Windows Update since last time I know SS worked (2 months ago). Maybe the name LP4 is wrong - what's the name of the 48kbit/s Hi-MD mode? Stop using WAV? OK, what should I use instead? I don't know if SS cares, it probably spits everything out now...
  6. 1. Only one user on the computer 2. Too long time since last time I used SS, too many updates... 3. F:md 4. I will check that when I come home 5. I use SS only to create minidiscs anddon't care about the SS database (use Foobar2k for play on computer) so I could scrap the db Is there any other program that could convert from WAV to LP4 and then maybe SS could transfer those files to discs?
  7. BTW, I have always only converted to WAV files and imported them, it seems like SonicStage should be able to import .wma and .mp4 files as well? I will try to convert to one of those formats and see if SS can import that... No, I get the same "Cannot load the rights information on wma files as well...
  8. Yes, maybe that has something to do with my problem that SonicStage Ultimate has stopped reading WAV files: But the program worked on my system last time I tried (before this time) but that was a couple of months ago and it works on a computer at work I tried it on today, also with a fully updated 64-bit Win7...
  9. Well... ...no... GraphStudio now renders and plays my WAV files, it's now only SonicStage that doesn't work... So now I don't have any good idea what is the problem and what I should do about it...
  10. Forget about WMP... I first thought WMP would be a good test of Windows filters, but it seems like it was several versions since WMP didn't use built-in filters the same way as MPC-HD and VLC does. Since WAV files play in WMP it's not interesting to look at WMP. Graphstudio has taken the place for me in the test for system health. If I can get WAV files to render in GraphStudio then I expect the files also to play in SonicStage. But using ffdshow to change merit of filters nad then a restart of the computer didn't help on the first try.
  11. I now tried on my work computer (lunch...) and GraphStudio renders a WAV file using Wave Parser --> ACM Wrapper --> Default DirectSound Device. Everything seems to be in quartz.dll. I saw nothing strange yesterday at home when looked at the filters with ffdshow, but of course since it was a couple of years ago since I had to change anything in this era of self-contained players I didn't really know what to look for. Now I know what pieces should be involved in the render chain, not sure if that will help, though. SonicStage of course also works on my work computer, but lunch break is
  12. Yes, it's 16-bit LPCM .WAV files. I have also tried with .WAV files that SonicStage earlier could convert, so something has happened to my system. It's seems like all other programs I have, including the current Windows Media Player, use built-in codecs so all other programs can play every file. It's just in GraphStudio I can see how it renders all other files (FLAC, mp3, AVI, mp4...) but GraphStudio barfs on .WAV files...
  13. I tried Graphstudio http://blog.monogram.sk/janos/tools/monogram-graphstudio/ but it crashed on every WAV file... Deleting and re-importing the files was the first thing I tried. Re-encoding and then re-importing was the second. Trying with files I haven't encoded myself was the third. Posting here was the fourth...
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