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  1. How to build a Stereo Microphone and Battery Box

    Hi NickW My apologies for not replying sooner. I had erased the recordings from the FTP server as I thought I needed the space. I have now put them back. The adjusted recording can be found here http://uk.geocities.com/g0sbw@btinternet.c...pilationmp3.mp3 The recordings prior to the adjustment are compared here http://uk.geocities.com/g0sbw@btinternet.c...pilationmp3.mp3 Clearly the triplets are the winner. The classical vocal recording here http://uk.geocities.com/g0sbw@btinternet.c...3wtm3_30sec.mp3 was a test to see if a simple collapsable barrier rig using the Rapid triples would perform as well as a heavy wooden barrier mounting of the triples. The recording is in fact two recordings of the identical piece joined together. The first 15 seconds is the lightweight, collapseable barrier and the second 15 seconds is the heavy wooden barrier. To my ears there is no difference and it is difficult to hear where the join is. These test recordings are simply recordings of recordings and are used purely for testing the relative performance of the two triplet barrier rigs. What you are hearing is the quality of the original performance and the masterful recording at that time. I did it by playing back a HiFi test CD, made in the early 1980s, through a simple cheap and cheerful amplifier and exceptionally clear loudspeakers. The speakers were 25 year old BBC LS3/5a bookshelf monitor speakers. The mcrophones were placed exactly midway between the speakers and 4ft. from them so as to make an equilateral triangle. Great recording but, unfortunately, not mine. I am currently doing more field testing of the lightweigt barrier triplets against my Rode NT4. I will probably make the results available via the Yahoo Naturerecordists group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/naturerecordists/ I hope this info helps Cheers
  2. How to build a Stereo Microphone and Battery Box

    Not at all, Curls. Most of the photos in the various albums are in connection with my amateur radio hobby. I specialise in talking to other hams while I am walking - having my daily constitutional. So far I have spoken to hams in 120 countries on 5 continents - furthest was to New Zealand. This is, relatively, not too difficult provided one has the right gear. Most of the pictures show various aspects of this gear in particular the DIY backpacks and antennas I use. There are also some albums which are devoted to DIY mics. Let us know how you get on with the Rapid 35-0190s Cheers TomR
  3. How to build a Stereo Microphone and Battery Box

    Why not try the Rapid Electronics (Colchester UK) 35-0190. I have used these extensively and they are OK see the "DIY Mics" and "Mic Capsules" albums at http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/g0sbw@bti...t.com/my_photos The Panasonic 61s maight, arguably, be a little better based on specs but the rapids sound good. The Mic Capsules albums show photos of some triplet mics I have made. Putting the capules in parallell increases sensitivity thereby decreasing self noise for a given record setting. However the triplets are very sensitive and easily overload - more suitable for nature recording than bands, gigs etc. The triples also need a box, similar to Green Machine's to power them to power them. A single capsule stereo pair of 35-0190s is easily powered by a minidisc's PIP power - no need at all for a powering box. The cost of the 35-0190s is very attractive - only 38 pence each (+P&P and VAT). If you buy 25 or more the price drops to 33 pence each. At this price it is easy to experiment and not worry if you damage them. However the 35-0190 is a little bigger than the Panasonic 61a. Perhaps not quite as stealthy as the Panasonics but a lot easier to solder leads onto. The 35-0190s can be obtained here http://www.rapidonline.com/searchresults.a...&kw=35-0190 I have compared four of my DIY mics against a commercial Rode NT4 The mics, in order of appearance in the following 1minute 15second MP3 are: 35-0190 single capsule stereo pair 61a single capsule stereo pair 35-0190 triple capsule stereo pair 35-0192 triple capsule stereo pair Rode NT4 The recording is of a single ticking clock, using a RH910 recording in PCM, manual mode, high sensitivity with recoding volume set at 30. Post recording the play back volume each of four of the mics was adjusted to the level of the loudest one. !5 second tranches were combined to make the MP3 here: http://uk.geocities.com/g0sbw@btinternet.c...pilationmp3.mp3 There are no prizes for spotting the winner. The result from the 35-0192 triples is disappointing (it should be the same as the 35-0190 triples as it is the same capsule configured for PCB mounting) probably due to the mounting of this mic on a camera bag rather than a barrier type mounti. To sum up, don't worry too much about obtaining the Panasonic capsules in the UK - a good stand in is available at very low cost. This assumes that ultra small size is not in portant - a jpeg of giving size comparison is here http://uk.geocities.com/g0sbw@btinternet.com/PC310090.JPG Cheers, All the best to All for 2007
  4. NH1 discounted in UK shop.

    I would like to add my thanks too. I got one from Colchester and one from Harwich. At £99.99 they seem a good buy. I had to return the one I got from the Clacton-on-Sea Argos as it was missing the remote control. All the branches in this area seemed to only have one item left by the time I was buying this afternoon. My two purchases (and obviously the Clacton machine) seem to have already opened boxes. Maybe display machines - so it pays to check the contents of the box before leaving the shop. Initial tests on the two machines I purchased suggest they are working fine. Although I have an old MZ-R30 I am new to HiMD machines - just purchased a MZ-RH910 in January this year from Amazon. I must say that the NH1 compares very favourably with the 910 (I'm not in the least bit worried about the lack of MP3) with its magnesium case, time stamp, ability to play HiMD discs via line out into my HiFi, and the great backlit remote. Downside is the non standard USB situation - but the 910 will handle that very nicely so it really complements the NH1s. I thought buying two NH1s an extravagance, but now I'm really pleased I took the opportunity. Again, thanks for the tip off. Cheers TomR