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    Hi MD MZ RH 910
  1. SonicStage CP4

    Thanks, I will try again at home
  2. SonicStage CP4

    Yes, I used both, Drag and Drop and File/Import/Music Files and have the same error. I used my home and office PC and have the same problem. With SonicStage 3.4 I did´nt have it.
  3. SonicStage CP4

    Could you help me . I already installed CP4 with no problems. I convert a WAV file to atrac3plus 256 Kbps and is perfect, but when I try to load back the converted file to SonicStage, appears the following error; SonicStage (000022eb-1236) “It can not find the musical files that has not been register in SonicStage” (error Code: 00007180) I don`t know what can be. I´m from Chile Best Regards Marco
  4. Problem Transfer from Sonistage 3.4 to Hi MD MZ RH910

    There is not problem when I ripped from CD, The problem is when I transfer a File in OMA format inside my PC to the HI MD.
  5. Problem Transfer from Sonistage 3.4 to Hi MD MZ RH910

    NO. If I transfer from CD with MD Burner is perfect. The problem is when I transfer from Sonicstage a OMA files to the Hi MD. I don´t like to use MD Burner, because the conmversion rate is 256 Kbps and with Sonicstage is 352K.
  6. When I Transfer some tracks has some noise at the beginning, sound like the the end of the previous track, is just a less than a second and the track start perfect. I transfer lot of time the same track and the problem is the same. It doesn´t happen in all transfer tracks.