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  1. Naurd NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager

    Patrick, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your continued development of this program. I listen to many wonderful tunes thanks to your software everyday... Sure it has niggles but it offers so much more useful functionality than Sony's effort. Keep up the great work.
  2. Naurd NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager

    Weji, replace the OMGAUDIO folder on your player with the one in the optional downloads section on the SurceForge site. Then just copy across jar file again. That worked for me. If that doesn't fix it you may have to re-encode the mp3 files. I've run into a few that didn't play.
  3. Sony MDR EX90 vs MDR EX70/1s (mini review)

    I bought a pair of these from Minidisc Australia a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying them. I have never used the EX70/71, only the EX51 with its little plastic case. These have similar bass response but in addition the highs seem much cleaer... I'm no audiophile The EX90's case is simple and practical. It has a plastic insert that sits in the leather pouch. The headphones sit in the plastic insert so that they come out easily but still don't fall out if you hold the inset upside down. The cord is then fed around under the insert and finally can be wrapped around it. It takes less than a minute to get them out or put them away.
  4. Naurd NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager

    Success!!! I found the OMGAUDIO.zip file... just had to look under Files - Optionals on your SourceForge page. Now it is working like a charm. Fantastic work Pat. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
  5. Naurd NW-E00X Mp3 File Manager

    OK, I'm having the same problem as jakke2. I'm using firmware 2.0 on a NW-E005F. The filemanager can always read what is on the device but if I close it, wait a minute, safely remove the device, and then unplug it, 'NO DATABASE' just comes up on the screen. Where can I find your OMGAUDIO.zip file? Hopefully that will fix it. Cheers for all your work, Peter
  6. Great work. I particularly appreciate being able to arragnge mp3s. 1 request: Is it possible for the software to transfer wma and aac files to the device too? Cheers
  7. NW-E005 and MP3 File Manager?

    You could try Vaio Music Transfer instead. It uses a simple drag and drop interface. http://www.vaio-link.com/Vaiopocket/downlo...l=en&f=VMTU It will transfer mp3s to the E series and convert wma to atrac and then transfer them. It won't accept aac though. You still need SonicStage installed for Vaio Music Transfer to work.
  8. hello-- (lol) I have a NW-E005 and just got GYM working with it. You can use SonicStage instead of MP3 FM to load the necessary files onto the NW-E00... Just plug it in start KeyWizard.exe and follow instructions. It will let you select SonicStage instead of MP3 FM. A few things to keep in mind however [anyone, correct me if I am wrong, only got mine yesterday ] GYM can only open or download mp3s stored on the device even though the E series can play wma, aac and of course atrac as well. If you want to avoid SonicStage for copying files onto the device try Vaio Music Transfer (drag and drop interface) http://www.vaio-link.com/Vaiopocket/downlo...l=en&f=VMTU It transfers mp3 directly to device and converts wma to atrac and then transfers these. It won't accept aac however. NB still need SonicStage installed to use Vaio Music Transfer